Expert Automation

Expert Automation uses Technology and Science to provide Solutions for People.

Expert Automation Consultants was founded in Columbia , Missouri and has been doing business since 1989. The company was registered as Expert Automation on 09/23/1991. The company specializes in solving difficult computer problems and has a number of consultants that can help solve your Internet-related problems, as well as implement creative solutions.

The company was founded in 1989 by Tim Hogard and Tom Downey. While Tom left to work on scientific and numeric modeling at Partek, Expert Automation has expanded the services offered by having a presence in Kansas City as well as Melbourne, Australia. We currently offer consulting services in the UK, Australia and New Zealand but can offer services through out the Pacific Rim or anywhere else in the world.

Expert Automation is in the position to offer all services needed to create a web presence. We run our own web servers that also provides the key to Internet services such as hosting web pages, domain name service and email gating. Our Internet development team has experience with the largest E-commerce systems in the world. Our team members built the DOD's current email system. Our team has been doing security audits long before any of the big six such as Anderson Consulting. We have experience with small embedded systems as well as large back end systems.

Expert Automation can provide assistance in scientific monitoring and instrumentation as well as data analysis. Expert Automation has solutions for many types of industrial control. Our people are involved in aviation business and specifically the GPS system.

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